Lloyd Longfield in Backyard

Lloyd Longfield

No stranger to public service, Lloyd Longfield was elected to Parliament in 2015 as the MP for Guelph. He has been a tireless advocate for all residents focusing on issues of economic development and the environment. His early appointment to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology and the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-food, acknowledged the diverse nature of Guelph with its important mix of industry and research.

Lloyd and Leader

Re-elected in 2019, Lloyd Longfield has continued to represent and serve the people of Guelph, serving as Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and as a member of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, two areas of significance to Guelph.

Prior to entering politics, Lloyd Longfield was President of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce for 7 years bringing an understanding of business development that is so vital for Guelph to prosper. With 25 years of community development, he has a deep understanding of what a community needs to be successful. A triple bottom line approach underscores Lloyd Longfield’s approach to serving the residents of Guelph.

Lloyd Longfield is recognized for his work with community partners: working to reduce chronic homelessness in Guelph which is now down by 50% and helping the City of Guelph secure more places for its resident to call home; championing a national child care plan working with a local panel to define what it would mean for Guelph; and helping new home buyers afford their first home. The lives of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, their access to clean water and responding to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are key tenets of his personal concern for a better life for every Canadian.

His work through the pandemic, securing vaccines for every Guelph resident, helping individuals and businesses cope with the changes to their professional situations, showed how much Lloyd Longfield cares for Guelph. When re-elected, he will continue to focus on helping Guelph’s residents and business owners, positioning Guelph to retain its reputation as a leader in clean technology and environmental progress.