Building a More Accessible Guelph

July 26, 2019

Accessible Canada

I’m proud of the measures our Liberal government has taken to make Canada a more accessible and inclusive society for all Canadians.  More than 6 million Canadians aged 15 and over (22% of the population) identify as having a disability, and it is expected actual numbers are likely higher.

Over the past four years as the Member of Parliament for Guelph, I’ve worked with many community groups to help build a more accessible Guelph.  Through the Enabling Accessibility Fund, we have delivered investments for ten projects in Guelph that will improve the accessibility of our community. 

The impacts for these projects are real:

  • Guelph Bible Chapel installed an automated door opener
  • The University of Guelph installed an exterior ramp, automated door openers and an accessible washroom. 
  • Parkwood Gardens Community Church built an accessible washroom, life and accessible walkways. 
  • The Elliott Community is constructing an accessible outdoor cafe patio and a sensory garden
  • Guelph Black Heritage Society has made Heritage Hall more accessible
  • The First Christian Reformed Church of Guelph installed an accessible lift, and washroom
  • Wyndham Hill Co-operative installed automated door openers
  • Victor Davis Memorial Court Non-Profit Homes built an accessible washrooms and installed door openers
  • Five accessible washrooms and automated door openers were built at 10C Shared Space at 42 Carden Shared space
  • The Bookshelf is constructing an elevator that will ensure both floors are completely accessible for customers. 

These are small projects but they make a big impact in the lives of Guelphites.   

With your support, I will continue to fight for projects and investments, like these, that break down barriers and make sure that all Guelphites can be active in our community.