Canada Child Benefit - Real Change Real Results For Guelph Families

May 16, 2019

CCBThanks to the Canada Child Benefit 9 out of 10 families in Guelph are getting more money to provide for our children. Everywhere I go, families have been telling me the real difference that the Canada Child Benefit is making for their family.  On July 20th 2019, the CCB increased to keep up with the cost of living, giving parents even more money each month for clothing, school supplies, and more.  The maximum benefit increased, to $6,639 per child for children under the age of 6 and to $5,602 per child, for those aged 6 through 17.  

The Canada Child Benefit is 

  • giving support to 9 out of 10 families, TAX FREE
  • helping lift 300,000 children out of poverty
  • providing, on average, $2,300 more per family, per year
  • stopping the Conservative practice of sending child benefit cheques to millionaires 

Here in Guelph, this real change represents a real concrete benefit to over 23,000 children in our community. Our Liberal team remains focused on a real plan to grow the economy, strengthen the middle class, and help Canadian families.