Canada's Food Guide - An evidence based approach

July 16, 2019

Food GuideAndrew Scheer says he doesn't think the new food guide was based on "sound science". But did you know one of the experts who helped prepare the new food guide is Jess Haines, a University of Guelph associate professor?
She has
☑️a PhD in epidemiology,
☑️a Masters of Health Science
☑️and Bachelor of Science

Canada’s new dietary guidance includes concrete advice for Canadians on healthy food choices and healthy eating habits. This advice includes:

  • eating plenty of vegetables and fruits,
  • eating protein foods (including milk and dairy),
  • choosing whole grain foods,
  • and making water your drink of choice.

Healthy eating is about more than just the foods you eat. The Food Guide encourages Canadians to:

  • cook more often,
  • enjoy food,
  • be mindful of eating habits
  • and eat meals with others.

When it comes to the Food Guide, unlike Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives I trust the experts, I trust the scientists and I trust dieticians especially when they are from Guelph.  I believe that the first wealth in life is health and I will fight to make sure Canadians have access to concrete advice that they can follow to make healthy eating part of their day.

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