Creating a National School Food Program

August 4, 2019


We've all heard the old saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".  I believe that every child in Canada should be able to go to school each day with a healthy breakfast so that they can be fully engaged in their classes and ready to learn.  

As a member of the House of Commons Agriculture committee, I advocated for the development of a national food policy.  We held a Food Policy Townhall to hear directly from Guelphites.  They overwhelmingly agreed including researchers at the University of Guelph who have been studying "How to Make a National School Food Program Happen". (Learn about their research here). One of the researchers, Amberley Ruetz had the opportunity to talk to the Minister of Finance, Hon. Bill Morneau about this policy before the federal budget.  

After months of advocacy and consultation, I was proud that our Federal Government invested $134.4 million in new funding over five years in Canada's first national food policy, which includes working on the creation of a National School Food Program.  This program will help improve the health of our children as they learn, leading to better futures for them, and our country.  Guelph has its fingerprints all over Canada's national food policy because we know how important it is that everyone have access to healthy and nutritious food.  

It's an ambitious goal but it is one that we all have a role to play in. 

By working together, this goal is possible.