I Support the CBC

July 24, 2019

CBCIn 2015 the Liberal Party promised to reverse Stephen Harper’s cuts to the CBC and make new investments to support our national broadcaster.
By severely cutting its budget, Stephen Harper jeopardized the CBC's ability to promote and defend our two official languages, and support our shared culture.  I regularly speak with constituents who enjoy CBC programming on television and radio. 

In our first budget, we pledged $675 million to the CBC which included $75 million in new funds for the rest of that year and an extra $150 million annually through 2021. This has more than reversed the $115 million annual funding cut that was imposed by the Harper government which had forced the CBC to cut hundreads of jobs and plan for further reductions in service.  In other words, the Harper Government was starving the CBC to the point where it would not exist.  Andrew Scheer has also said if elected Prime Minister that he would axe the news division of the CBC.

We have reversed that negative course and with your support I will continue to fight for our public broadcaster so that the CBC can continue to deliver the news and programming that Canadians can rely on and trust.