Top 10 Results for the Middle Class

July 28, 2019

Deliver Middle Class

Over the past four years, the Liberal government has made great strides to grow the middle class and ensure Canadians have a fair opportunity to succeed.  Whether I'm in Ottawa or in Guelph, it has always been my top priority to ensure Guelph gets our fair share and benefits from our progressive achievements. 

Top 10 Results for the Middle Class in Guelph

  1. Canadians have created over 1 million jobs since 2015
  2. Canada's unemployment rate is at historic lows
  3. A typical middle-class family has $2,000 more each year thanks to the Canada Child Benefit and the middle class tax cut. 
  4. The Canada Child Benefit has helped lift 300,00 children out of poverty
  5. My second vote as your MP was to cut taxes for the middle class
  6. Banning single use plastics and holding businesses accountable for plastic waste
  7. We lowered the age of eligibility for Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement to 65 and increased the Canada Pension Plan benefit by up to 50%
  8. Negotiated three major trade deals in one mandate, standing up for Canadian workers, businesses and families
  9. Cut small business taxes from 11% to 9%, lower than USA, UK, France, Germany or Japan
  10. We are the only party with a real and affordable plan to fight climate change 

Elections are all about choices. 

I’m proud of our government's record in choosing to invest in Canada’s greatest advantage: our people and our communities.